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Aaron Hernandez press conference kid FUNNY

Aaron Hernandez murder charges, after arraignment kid photo bombs the press conference! * I do not own this video, it was shown on NFL network, it is a video…

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megaguitarplayer1234 says:

The original Herp derp

Relaxade says:

He transferred to my school this year… hahahaha i have new found respect for this kid hes in my science class

Joshua Minz says:

his name was robert paulson.

Admiral John says:

His name is Tyler Goldman. 

SuperJasondennis says:

Lmfao!!!!! That is hilarious how the guy laughs at the kid

Chad Lawson says:

What’s his Facebook or Twitter handle. This kid is too funny.

Abominationus says:

What’s wrong with the reporter’s ears in the end

LiPaTutorials says:

hahahahah damn that guy kills me greetz from Germany!

Crystal Silva says:

I mean tyler

jcocogify says:

Jayquan has seen your video many times

Dan LoDolce says:

Do you have his facebook or twitter handle? I wanna link him to the video haha

Cristi LePage says:

His name is Tyler lmaaaooooo

jcocogify says:

I’m telling you, its Jayquan Delvos

socaluva44 says:

yeah, his name is tyler goldman..

Dan LoDolce says:

So many different names! Jaquan Tyler and Kyle!!!

jcocogify says:

Actually his name is Jayquan Delvos…

HockeyDuster says:

look this kid up on facebook its Tyler Goldman

socaluva44 says:


Crystal Silva says:

Hes my friends brother Kyle hahahaha

yodog624 says:

its hilarious i have met him before he acts like this all the time

Dan LoDolce says:

Hes gotta go viral, or be on tosh.0 or something lol too good

yodog624 says:

old youtube name too haha

yodog624 says:

thats my friends cousin in the backround

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