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Friday The 13th Prank!

Warning: Very Dangerous Prank!! Do Not Re Attempt! I wanted to do a scary video for friday 13th and came up with this …I think this is my new favorite…be…

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MrAwsom50 says:


numbersixman says:

People thinking this wasn’t staged is the real prank.

igor roata says:

all I can say is hahahahahahahaha

Kekoa Au says:


Nippy Houston Fan says:

Damn I would have shit myself!

fukbrettfarve says:

Yoooo that shit was so funny

Jake Steele says:

Brilliant! More!

Martins Ekene says:


gamemaster4477 says:

Do more

Alyssa Monique says:

His fast walk lol had me dying

MarinManson says:

Yes he did but it’s more frightening when a guy with a chainsaw chases you right ? lol

fruitpunch012345 says:

The end is so funny

Tiger Hawk says:

lmao! that was the best

Aaron Graham says:

didn’t Jason use a machete

born2kill2750 says:

so for all vitally knows someone he pranked could of been a criminal or gangster and could have shot him or even if its a regular law abiding citizen even if they don’t have a license to carry a gun on them most people buy guns for protection so I am shore a lot of even legal gun owners would still carry a gun on them because they would risk the jail sentence to keep themselves safe

fadarrius mays says:

lol niggas have the best reactions

born2kill2750 says:

who cares the whole argument is of the danger of the prank and most people have a gun for self protection a lot of people own illegally bought fire arms gangsters and criminals don’t buy there guns from the shops legally otherwise it can be traced back to the legal owner(Which would be themselves) if used in a murder or something so they would be caught straight away so they buy guns from illegal gun dealers because it wont be registered in your name if bought illegally

PE_Gamer7 says:

Lol I just got done watching a Friday the 13th marathon for fear fest :D I really want to do it

Maxwell Craig says:

I live in cali I can confirm that, California is a “may-issue” state meaning they can decide to give you a permit or not. However LA and SF almost never give them out, so since (I think) Vitaly lives in LA, they likely wouldn’t have it legally

Betweenhello1 says:

This is kinda sad…

firearows10 says:

Even in California?

firearows10 says:

CALM DOWN. I’m not calling you names.

firearows10 says:

What about in California?

firearows10 says:

What about in California?

firearows10 says:

In California is what I’m trying to say. Sorry for the confusion.

Erik Mora says:

More Videos Like These Guys ^.^ So Freaking Hilarious !

Mezbah Rijvee says:

Do more of these pranks!!!

VIncent DeAngelo says:

fucking aye funniest dude on the planet

puck4001 says:

Nice subbed

Manuel A. Hernández Cordero says:

You sure have visited some middle-high class neighborhoods, because you didn’t got shot during the prank…

trolollin says:

hahahahahahaahahahahaha,the likes say it all!

Somthiingsick909 says:

yeah came out a day before friday the 13th

BLNsYTVideos901 says:

LOL this was thursday the 12th

Adam Jackson says:

I love when the car puts it in reverse.

FreeMusicSpecialist says:

this is to cruel bro, funny as hell but yet so wrong :P

Julien Meloche says:


rockwildr69 says:


x Collinsity says:

the green shirt in 00:57 -_- you can run

Alan Zozo says:

this guy is good!

Taha Saleem says:

you have got to do a part 2

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