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baby boy singing Lady Gaga-SO FUNNY!

1-year-old singing with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga: we found you a back-up singer!

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alan m.d. says:

+Lady Gaga Community +Lady Gaga +Lady Gaga Community i love this baby
musician good taste

Janna Jones says:

so funny

Mohammad Sihabuddin Ibn Nasih Al Khoir says:


Daisey Dukes says:

Big smiles wit this!

Local Lisa says:

I think they should have added him to the Grammy line-up! He’s even rockin’
a baby mo-hawk! (Thanks Nancy for sharing!)

angel Rettig says:

this would so be my son if I had a baby boy lol You should so see

Branislav Gee-ks says:

shaun fraser says:

this video is so adorable this is how much you have changed the world lady

Monique Carvalho says:

So Funny!


+Lady Gaga this cute kid puts a totaly different meaning to little
monster.xx so cute.xx 

Tracy McLelland says:

Lady GAGA fans Alert: This little is just too cute and too serious about
singing this song!! Made me smile so much my face hurts!!

Fawaz Ali says:


heeral wanzah says:
alan m.d. says:

be a #littlemonster love my #bff gaga +Lady Gaga 

alan m.d. says:

+Lady Gaga +Lady Gaga Fan Page +Lady Gaga Community #littlemonsters 

Jeffery Balock says:

Lady gaga :D

Ala Maamer says:

He will be in ARTPOP tour :D ♥ With Gaga in 2013

Olivia Wright says:

he has a mohawk! haha XD

Anneline Olivier says:


SnoWhiteKilla says:

this kids got dope lyrics :0

G Young says:


Sandra Gigi says:

Get a load outta that serious face in the beginning! He is so smart!!!

Giovany Lara Piña says:

es un amooooooor wow hahha :)

muscle1923 says:

in the very beginning, he started singing the “whoa whoa” part even before
it played, at 1 yrs old that is crazy that he remembered it! So adorable

TwinkleGTooth says:

What the hell is mini Justin Bieber doing there?

Raynaldo Pierre says:

so cute

Josephine Rin says:

How Old Is This Sweetheart?

lilkittyanime says:

LIKE A BOSS!!!!! loz

Lauren Charlie says:

Innittt :’) x

Vic269 says:

Great timing adorable

Ryan Bautista says:

so beautiful over<3

Camie Middlestadt says:

lmao! how adorable! hehe! yeah i play poker every weekend!

Sharmyn Shyn Ferrer says:

sooo CUTE :))

MrJoselitoAriza says:


chris wright says:

Awwww, He is so cute!!!!!!!!

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