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Laura Marano Sings Fan Message, “Twerk” Fail and Talks AUSTIN & ALLY

Visit: Subscribe: We visited the set of “Austin & Ally” to chat with Laura Marano about season 3 of the hi…

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Edgine Emmanuel says:

Just call miley cyrus and ask her laurie bear

Erin Keating says:

2:51 the way that woman is looking at Laura…..

Anna Jahn says:

my little brothers laughed at me.

lovedc13 says:

I love you laura and I love your song I think i’ll put it as ringtone

biancaannrodriguezgr says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …………..nooooooooollllo

ShelbiLynn Donnell says:

All I read was tween fail

jenna peterson says:

i cried and my little sisters laughed at me

Nmbr1Arianagrandefan says:

better than miley

Angel Onyenwosa says:

I love that song @austinandallylover10

Josefina Carrascoi says:

did she say that how you twerk?

austinandallylover10 says:

I know what song the christmas song is its on youtube its called I Love Christmas

CrankDatRedSox says:

(Dana Ward)

CrankDatRedSox says:

ClevverTV is in the background.

TaylorR5WuvsU says:

Laura twerking omg she’s so precious

biancadiezmo3 says:

Go to 1:00 and and alittle bit forward start the video then look in the background

biancadiezmo3 says:

Did anyone see the girls talking in the background aroundthe beginning not the exact beginning but I found it funny

tiffanykerryann says:


Cynthia Roley says:

Best twerker ever right thurrr

Michelle O says:

shes so cute & classy!

snowtubbing39 says:

ur imagining too much lol haha.. u have a big imagination lol

auslly fan says:

im dead..XD

Ashley vega says:

Oh yeah hey but its sexy now he needs to teach Laura (imagines it) im drowning

auslly fan says:

ya..he already twerks and thrust alot..XD

auslly fan says:

probably :] XD

Ashley vega says:

Twerk fail. Laura let Ross show u he probably knows how XD

Taylor Fehr says:

don’t mean to spoil it but I saw the episode they said that Austin gave her tickets so ally can visit him on tour and thats whats in the note @auslly fan

Taylor Fehr says:

Omg Laura is Probaly the funniest actress ever

auslly fan says:


auslly fan says:

gotta love laura…XD

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